Plott Breed Profile


A hunting hound of striking color that traditionally brings big game to bay or tree, the Plott is intelligent, alert and confident. Noted for stamina, endurance, agility, determination and aggressiveness when hunting, the powerful, well muscled, yet streamlined Plott combines courage with athletic ability.


The following brindle factors: yellow, buckskin, tan, brown, chocolate, liver, orange, red, light or dark gray, blue or Maltese, dilute black, and black.Plott colors are solid black, any shade of brindle, with black saddle, and black with brindle trim. A rare buckskin, devoid of any brindle, sometimes appears among litters; ranging from red fawn, sandy red, light cream, and yellow ochre, to dark fawn and golden tan.


Eager to please, loyal, intelligent, and alert. They are bold, and fearless hunters.


In 1750 two plot brothers left Germany for American with five Hanoverian Hounds. One of the brothers settled in North Carolina and raised a family and his dogs. And over the last 200 years the dogs became known as the PlottsÆ hounds.

Care Level