Irish Wolfhound Breed Profile


Of great size and commanding appearance, the Irish Wolfhound is remarkable in combining power and swiftness with keen sight. The largest and tallest of the galloping hounds, in general type he is a rough-coated, Greyhound-like breed; very muscular, strong though gracefully built; movements easy and active; head and neck carried high, the tail carried with an upward sweep with a slight curve towards the extremity.


The recognized colors are gray, brindle, red, black, pure white, fawn or any other color that appears in the Deerhound.


Irish Wolfhounds are sweet-tempered, patient, generous, thoughtful and very intelligent. Excellent, and can be trusted with, children. Dignified and willing, they are unconditionally loyal to their owner and family.


The Irish Wolfhound has a long history, originating in Ireland. They were prized for their hunting prowess and used to hunt large Irish Elk and Wolves. Wolfhounds were once used in battles to dismount horsemen. Quintus Aurelius brought the dogs to Rome in 391AD, where they were immediately popular, and said to have been viewed with wonder by all of Rome.

Care Level