Irish Water Spaniel Breed Profile


The Irish Water Spaniel presents a picture of a smart, upstanding strongly built sporting dog. Great intelligence is combined with rugged endurance and a bold, dashing eagerness of temperament. Distinguishing characteristics are a topknot of long, loose curls, a body covered with a dense, crisply curled liver colored coat, contrasted by a smooth face and a smooth "rat" tail.


Solid liver. With the exception of graying due to age.


Very alert and inquisitive, the Irish Water Spaniel is often reserved with strangers. A stable temperament is essential in a hunting dog. They are intelligent and quick to learn and sometimes clownish.


The Irish Water Spaniel is a spirited dog that has plenty of endurance and a playful disposition, making them a great choice for a family pet. Although they have medium to long curly hair, there is little to no shedding, which is great for the home.

Care Level