Great Pyrenees Breed Profile


The Great Pyrenees dog conveys the distinct impression of elegance and unsurpassed beauty combined with great overall size and majesty. He has a white or principally white coat that may contain markings of badger, gray, or varying shades of tan. He possesses a keen intelligence and a kindly, while regal, expression. Exhibiting a unique elegance of bearing and movement, his soundness and coordination show unmistakably the purpose for which he has been bred, the strenuous work of guarding the flocks in all kinds of weather on the steep mountain slopes of the Pyrenees.


White or white with markings of gray, badger, reddish brown, or varying shades of tan.


In nature, the Great Pyrenees is confident, gentle, and affectionate. While territorial and protective of his flock or family when necessary, his general demeanor is one of quiet composure, both patient and tolerant. He is strong willed, independent and somewhat reserved, yet attentive, fearless and loyal to both human and animal.


The first Great Pyrenees were introduced to the United States in 1824, as a gift from General Lafayette to author J.S. Skinner. But by the end of the 19th century, the breed neared extinction due to the vanishing of predators in their native land. After the end of World War I, breeders in France strived to restore the Great Pyrenees to its former glory. The result was a new breed club, the Reunion des Amateurs de Chiens Pyreneans, which achieved a breed standard.

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