Gordon Setter Breed Profile


The Gordon Setter is a good-sized, sturdily built, black and tan dog, well muscled, with plenty of bone and substance, but active, upstanding and stylish, appearing capable of doing a full day's work in the field. He has a strong, rather short back, with well sprung ribs and a short tail. The head is fairly heavy and finely chiseled. His bearing is intelligent, noble, and dignified, showing no signs of shyness or viciousness. Clear colors and straight or slightly waved coat are correct. He suggests strength and stamina rather than extreme speed. Symmetry and quality are most essential. A dog well balanced in all points is preferable to one with outstanding good qualities and defects. A smooth, free movement, with high head carriage, is typical.


Black with tan markings, either of rich chestnut or mahogany color. Black pencilling is allowed on the toes. The borderline between black and tan colors is clearly defined.


The Gordon Setter is alert, happy, interested, and confident. He is fearless and willing, intelligent and capable. He is loyal and affectionate, and strong-minded enough to stand the rigors of training.


The Gordon Setter has been popular among hunters and sportsmen since itÆs development in Scotland in the 17th century. Bred as a one-man hunting dog, the Gordon was used as a pointer, retriever, and to flush out avian game. Though not as fast as other gun dogs, Gordons were revered for their endurance and reliability on the hunt, as well as its ability to improve its skills with age.

Care Level