German Shorthair Pointer Breed Profile


The German Shorthaired Pointer is a versatile hunter, an all-purpose gun dog capable of high performance in field and water. The judgement of Shorthairs in the show ring reflects this basic characteristic. The overall picture which is created in the observer's eye is that of an aristocratic, well balanced, symmetrical animal with conformation indicating power, endurance and agility and a look of intelligence and animation. The dog is neither unduly small nor conspicuously large. It gives the impression of medium size, but is like the proper hunter, "with a short back, but standing over plenty of ground." Symmetry and field quality are most essential. A dog in hard and lean field condition is not to be penalized; however, overly fat or poorly muscled dogs are to be penalized. A dog well balanced in all points is preferable to one with outstanding good qualities and defects. Grace of outline, clean-cut head, sloping shoulders, deep chest, powerful back, strong quarters, good bone composi


The coat may be of solid liver or a combination of liver and white such as liver and white ticked, liver patched and white ticked, or liver roan.


The Shorthair is friendly, intelligent, and willing to please. The correct temperament is that of a bold and characteristically affectionate dog that is cooperative and easily trained.


The German Shorthaired Pointer evolved out of the old Spanish Pointer, which was imported into Germany in the 1600Æs. German hunters required a scent dog that could point out prey, both mammal and bird, over a reasonable distance, and could retrieve game from land and water. Although it is impossible to identify all of breeds that were incorporated into the stock line after that time, it is commonly known that the English Pointer was added in the late 1800Æs, adding speed and style.

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