English Toy Spaniel Breed Profile


The English Toy Spaniel is a compact, cobby and essentially square toy dog possessed of a short-nosed, domed head, a merry and affectionate demeanor and a silky, flowing coat. His compact, sturdy body and charming temperament, together with his rounded head, lustrous dark eye, and well cushioned face, proclaim him a dog of distinction and character. The important characteristics of the breed are exemplified by the head.


The Blenheim (red and white) consists of a pearly white ground with deep red or chestnut markings.The Prince Charles (tricolor) consists of a pearly white ground, with black patches, solid black ears and black face markings.The King Charles (black and tan) is a rich, glossy black with bright mahogany tan markings.The Ruby is a self-colored, rich mahogany red.


The English Toy Spaniel is a bright and interested little dog, affectionate and willing to please.


The English Toy Spaniel breed originated in Renaissance-era possibly in Japan. English Toy Spaniels were companion dogs for royalty. In the 18th and 19th centuries, crosses between long-snouted toy spaniels and short-snouted breeds like the Pug or Japanese Chin led to the breedÆs current appearance.

Care Level