English Foxhound Breed Profile


The English Foxhound is an elegant, clean-cut, athletic hound, with a long muzzle and wide skull. The neck is long and the hindquarters very strong. Its large eyes have a sweet expression. The ears lay flat to the head. Proven hunting hounds often have the bottom edge of their ears rounded (shortened) to avoid nicks and tears during the hunt. The legs are absolutely straight, with round, cat-like feet. The short, hard, easy care coat is usually tri-color (black, white & tan), or bi-color with a white background, however, color is not an important feature. The brown eyes are large with a gentle expression, and the ears are pendant. The tail is held up gaily.


Not regarded as very important, so long as the former is a good "hound color," and the latter is short, dense, hard, and glossy. Hound colors are black, tan, and white, or any combination of these three.


The English Foxhound is a very active, bold and passionate hunter. Responsive and obedient to his master... but training takes patience. They are friendly with people and excellent with children, but prefer to be in the company of other dogs and does quite well with other animals.


The English FoxhoundÆs roots date back before the 1500s. They have always been used for fox hunting and running alongside horses. English Foxhounds were created by careful breeding of the Greyhound for speed, the Fox Terrier for hunting instinct, and the English Bulldog for tenacity in the hunt.

Care Level

Medium (needs lots of exercise)