Cocker Spaniel Breed Profile


The Cocker Spaniel is the smallest member of the Sporting Group. He has a sturdy, compact body and a cleanly chiseled and refined head, with the overall dog in complete balance and of ideal size. He stands well up at the shoulder on straight forelegs with a topline sloping slightly toward strong, moderately bent, muscular quarters. He is a dog capable of considerable speed, combined with great endurance. Above all, he must be free and merry, sound, well balanced throughout and in action show a keen inclination to work. A dog well balanced in all parts is more desirable than a dog with strongly contrasting good points and faults.


Black Variety--Solid color black to include black with tan points. A small amount of white on the chest and/or throat has been seen. Any solid color other than black, ranging from lightest cream to darkest red, including brown and brown with tan points. The color shall be of a uniform shade. Parti-Color Variety--Two or more solid, well broken colors, one of which must be white; black and white, red and white (the red may range from lightest cream to darkest red), brown and white, and roans, to include any such color combination with tan points.


English Cockers have a loving temperament and make excellent family pets. They are renowned for their friendly, faithful, playful, quiet, and affectionate natures.


Cocker Spaniels originated in Spain, but were perfected in England and Canada to be the dog that we see today. Though not bred specifically for water retrieval, Cockers are great swimmers and find great joy in fetch and retrieval games.

Care Level