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If you have lost or found a pet please add a FREE listing and search our lost and found database by city, state or postal code to see if you can find a match. If you find a possible match, make note of the pet's reference number and contact us at 866-699-3463.

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Note: Microchips do not contain the letters I or O but may contain numbers One or Zero instead. Enter only microchip numbers and letters with no asterisk * commas, words, spaces or hyphens-

Every Pet Deserves to be a petkey ™ Pet!

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Mixed/Shiba Inu
Las Vegas, Nevada

"Prince Harry was at the animal hospital not far from home, we got him back thanks to a very nice lady on Facebook that recognized him, we are so happy he is back home."

Each week we will choose a petkey ™ pet to feature here on our home page as the Spotlight Pet of the Week. If it is your pet's time to shine you will be contacted and then asked to share with us your pet's favorite things or unique antics and we will post them here for you to share with your friends and family. If you think your pet is a super star and would like to be chosen let us know by emailing us what makes your pet special to your family. Email photos and descriptions to

Your pet will have their own online profile that you can customize to display exactly the information you want to share.

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Lost Pet Protection and Pet Microchip Registration

North American Lost and Found Pet Network
petkey lost pet alerts are the most proactive way to recover lost and stolen pets 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. When your pet is missing every second counts. People find pets, so notifying your community the moment your pet goes missing is very important. The moment your pet is lost or stolen an Alert is generated and sent to shelters, vets, pet businesses and members within a 25 mile radius of where your pet was last seen.

How do I register my pet's microchip?
In addition, petkey's International Pet Microchip ID Registry will permanently register all of your pet's ID's including pet microchips, rabies tags, municipal tags and tattoo numbers in your name. If your pet does not have any form of ID, petkey will assign a unique identifier to your pet which can be laser engraved onto an ID tag with the rest of your pet's important recovery information. petkey ID and Pet Microchip Registry is a 24 hour lost pet service.
petkey registers any brand of pet microchip including AVID ™, AKC CAR/EID ™, Digital Angel ®, Home Again ®, ResQ ®, ALLFLEX ®, Schering Plough ™, 24 PET WATCH ™, Lifechip ®, Banfield ®, Crystal Tag ™, Datamars ™, Trovan ®, PetLink ™ & Destron Fearing ™

How does pet microchipping work?

If your pet's microchip is not registered, your pet is not protected. To ensure your pet's microchip is properly registered please call 866-699-3463


ID Tag

Order Pet ID Card

petkey™ pet ID Tags

Even if your pet is microchipped, it is important for them to wear a durable secure ID tag. Petkey tags are sturdy and are laser etched with your pet's name and ID number. petkey tags come in large and small and in fashionable colors Pink, Blue and Black. Your pet's tag will also list our 24/hr toll free emergency line.

petkey™ pet ID Cards

Finally, an easy way to carry your pet’s information with you at all times. This durable plastic ID card fits in your wallet along with your credit cards and includes important information for your pet such as your vet’s contact information, microchip number, emergency phone numbers, photo and health records. Having this information at your fingertips is essential for pets that travel or in the event of an emergency.

petkey™ Microchips

The microchip available from petkey ™ is a tiny chip, the size of a grain of rice, that is implanted in your pet to ensure that they can be identified if they ever get lost or go missing. The chip is not a GPS device but is powered by a scanner that displays your pet’s unique microchip number. Once scanned the scanning station will contact petkey and a petkey representative will be able to contact you immediately so you can be reunited with your pet once again.


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Brian Donovan’s DOGstar Training Program will help to solve your pet’s behavioral problems so they can become and stay a loved family member and companion.

Your DOGstar Membership will include unlimited, online, lifetime access to the Brian Donovan DOGstar Video Library and DOGstar Certified Behaviorists.

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