Jelly Bean has been missing since 7/31/2020

Pet Name Jelly Bean
Breed American Shorthair
Age 10 Years
Gender Female
Coloring Calico
Microchip 0A117F2F49
Rabies Tag N/A
Ref # 1813315
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Last Known Location

City: Los Angeles, CA 90038    Crossroads: Santa Monica / El Centro

A Message From the Owner

Jelly Bean is a 10 year old domestic shorthair cat this is missing. She is wearing a green collar with snowmen on it. It has her owner’s contact info is on the bone shaped tag. Jelly Bean is unfamiliar with the area that she is in. Jelly Bean is very skittish and afraid but she is friendly. She would not approach you or come if you call her. She will run if you approach. If you see Jelly Bean please call Petkey at 866-699-3463.
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