Found Dog - Mini beagle

Last Seen: 5/11/2019


Additional Information

Breed: Mini beagle
Gender: Male
Coloring: Lite mix colors
Microchip: N/A
Ref #: 53756
Comments: He is a mini beagle mix, no tags, dark green collar-clip style..found wondering near bizy section area behind wall greens drug store and Marvin's store.. he said as very tired and confused looking..he was dirty and wet under his belly from recent rains walking thru wet grass dirt..he is not overweight..he is frendly.. I have heard m at my home with me and my 3 little dogs..I will care for him till I can afford to pay the surrender fee at local shelter unless he is claimed by his owner sooner.. h

Do you know who I am? If so, please let us know.