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Found Small Dog Curly - Don't know

Last Seen: 11/4/2018


Additional Information

Breed: Don't know
Gender: Female
Coloring: Black/gray
Microchip: I don't know
Ref #: 52305
Comments: dog was running crossing St. on Princeton Blvd. Lowell near Market Basket Plaza and then kept running from there..I tried to get photos but they did not come out good. dog was wearing pink collar..Had a license tag and a black tag with the name "Willow" and phone # 339-278-6251 5__ Pleasant St., Malden MA..Couldn't see picture clearly and hard to take pictures with the dog moving..Headed up towards N. Chelmsford after 3:00 pm. Sunday 11/4/18

Do you know who I am? If so, please let us know.