Newaygo Dog License

Address 78 North Webster Street
White Cloud, Michigan  49349
Phone 231-689-7020
Hours M-F 8am-6pm
Fees $8.00-$60.00

Licensing Detail:


An owner of any dog that is 4 months old or older must ensure that the dog at all times wears a collar with a tag obtained from the County Treasurer’s Office.

Information Required:

  • The only exception to the requirement of a tag on a dog collar is if the dog is engaged in lawful hunting, accompanied by its owner or custodian.
  • Dog Licenses may be purchased with a current proof of rabies vaccination ONLY at the Newaygo County Treasurer's Office.
  • Starting in 2004, both one and three-year licenses are available and will expire on the first of the month (not year) that the rabies vaccination expires.

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