City and County Registrations

The online petkey system is an easy way to streamline the pet license registration process for veterinarians and pet owners.

petkey offers lifetime microchip registration so pets can forever be linked to their families.

petkey municipal, has been designed specifically for implementation by local government agencies and is made possible by a unique partnership with “best practice” service providers.

The petkey municipal program consists of:

  • Low Cost Microchip
  • Local Lost Pet Recovery Network & Database
  • petkey™ Online Which Serves As - Database of Pet Owners Which Inetgrates All Sources (i.e. Vets, Groomers, Municipality, Field-Ops, Animal Control, Shelters, etc.)
  • Pet Recovery System (Microchip ID Search)
  • Contact Management, Pet License Processing, and Add On Services
    • Pet Educations, Awareness Campaigns, Compliance/Registration/Vaccination Reminders
    • Optional Services Provide Additional Revenue For Local Service Providers

petkey™ uses the most universal type of chip used throughout the world. The ISO Conformant Full Duplex transponder (implantable microchip) is recognized by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), the agency of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) responsible for protecting animal health, animal welfare, and plant health. The ISO chip has international acceptance, being common in many countries including those of Europe since the late 1990s, and now widely adopted in Canada and the U.S. It is one of two chip protocol types (along with the "Half Duplex" type sometimes used in farm and ranch animals) which conform to International Organization for Standardization, or ISO, standards 11784 and 11785.

Petkey will distribute microchips to all service providers approved by the municipality. Petkey will also assist in sourcing and distributing universal microchip scanners. Petkey does not profit from the sale of scanners to municipalities.

Petkey Kennel Management is an online software application which serves as a network database for all service providers approved by the municipality. Each service provider i.e. veterinarians, municipal staff, shelter, groomers, etc., is given access based on pre-determined use requirements. Service providers enter pet data, pet household data, vaccination info (veterinarians), and microchip/ID info along with any demographic information or additional requirements as determined by the municipality.

The municipality will have administrative access to all data entered by service providers. Reports are available to search all pets, determine which service providers are entering data, and custom reports can be configured as requested. All data is owned by the municipality and petkey makes no claims of ownership or usage of data without written consent from the municipality.

Shelters, animal control, and select service providers will have the ability to search the database for the purpose of reuniting lost pets, compliance, or any other purpose as determined by the municipality.

petkey™ will provide in-office custom signage for education & awareness campaigns. These materials are suitable for veterinary offices, pet grooming shops, and municipal offices.

The petkey™ low cost contact management program can be utilized by local government agencies and veterinarians for vaccination reminders, pet licensing & registration notices, and pet related education. The system is automatic and will save time, effort and cost.