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How Can I Reconnect a Found Dog with their Family?

You’ve found a lost dog. Now, how do you find her owner? Hopefully she has a microchip, so you’re able to locate her family. If she doesn’t have a microchip, her family may be harder to find but PetKey has ways to help.

Contrary to popular belief, the microchip is not a GPS system. If the dog you have just found has a microchip, it’s easier to find the owner because the microchip carries a unique identification number. The identification number is connected only to the dog’s family. But, the owner can’t track their dog with the microchip. It’s up to you to locate the owner of the dog you have just found so the dog can return home.

Step 1

Bring the dog you have found to your local humane society or veterinarian. Most professional facilities have a scanner so they’re able to scan the microchip to grab the identification number.

Step 2

Once the identification number has been jotted down, you (or the professional) can visit http://www.petmicrochiplookup.org/ to obtain the owner’s details.

It’s free to get a dog scanned, so don’t worry about having to pay when you arrive at the facility.

Step 3

If the dog is registered and connected to their owner with a microchip, call the owner and let them know you’ve found their dog. They will be thrilled.

Step 4

It’s the dog owner’s responsibility to keep their contact details up-to-date. But, people get busy and they may forget to update their details with all the chaos in their lives. What if they have moved recently and you have their previous address? Or, they have changed their phone number?

In this case, you can add a FREE listing to PetKey.org’s Lost and Found Pet’s page. You can also search the lost and found database by city, state, or zip code to see if anyone has posted a ‘lost pet.’ If you do find a possible match, jot down the pet’s reference number and contact PetKey at 866-699-3463.

Testimonials from Dog Lovers

PetKey has reunited many pet parents with their beloved dog or cat. Here are some testimonials from a few.

“Someone found her I the middle of the road and called me since she had my info on her Petkey tag. She wasn’t too far from home thankfully!” -Tiffany M., Indiana

“He was taken down to the police station and they scanned his Petkey microchip. Moments later we received a phone call that homer had been found and that the police were on their way to bring him home. 20 minutes later I arrived home from school and dropped everything I had and ran and picked up homer. I am truly blessed and thankful that I am reunited with my little burrito.” -Jamiah O., Mississippi

“We are so thankful to the caring people that called Petkey after reading about our lost dog on Lost and Found Pets of Pierce County. He was found by a neighbor a few blocks away! So happy to have him home.” -Janeen R., Washington

“Tinkie was found in the neighborhood next to the accident site 2 days after the crash. She was spotted by someone who saw one of the many “Lost Dog” Petkey posters that we have put up and was recovered by us shortly after. Thank you everyone for their help.”-Gillian D., Ontario

“A very kind family who had picked her up from the road brought her back to us safe and sound!!! We are SO happy to have our Pancake home! Thank you to everyone who shared our Petkey post and offered support to us!! My husband and I will always be grateful to you all!!”- Katie T., Washington

The Bottom Line

There’s nothing sweeter than reuniting a dog with their family. Even if they have only been missing a short time, families are often panicked while anxiously searching for their beloved pet. Following the above instructions can significantly help you in retrieving the owner’s information and reconnecting a lost pet. If you have any questions, please call us at 866-699-3463. We’re here to help.