Spanish Water Dog

Purebred Dog Breed


The Spanish Water Dog is a well proportioned dog with a body that is a bit longer than tall. The head is strong and carried with elegance with a flat skull parallel with the muzzle. The ears are medium height with a triangular shape.


They can be all one color: White, black and chestnut in different shades. Bicoloured: White and black or white and brown in their different shades.


The Spanish Water Dog is an excellent companion dog as well as an exceptional working dog. They train very easily and are superb at agility. Spanish Water Dogs are happy, thoughtful and very loyal to their families.


The Spanish Water Dog originated in Spain. Shepherds used the breed to assist fisherman and hunters. They were originally used for herding sheep and goats. Today, Spanish Water Dogs are used for search and rescue, therapy and water sports.

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