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Veterinary Microchip Registration Program

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The petkey Veterinary Program has been custom designed for veterinarians to provide clients with lifetime affordable lost pet protection and pet microchip registration for dogs, cats and other small animals.

One Lifetime Enrollment Fee For Pet Microchip Registration and Proactive Lost Pet Alert Protection.

Are your client's pets protected?

Now you can help them register their pet's microchip online with the Lost Pet Network and provide them with Dog Tranining and Behavior support.

Call 866-973-8539 to set up an online account for your clinic.

Vet Program

How does it work?

Vet Program
  1. We will furnish you with petkey resource kits. You simply let your clients know you can protect and train their pets for life with the petkey ™ registration package.
  2. Ring up the registration at your register and then login to your secure kennel management account and enter the client's registration information.
  3. Instantly their pets will be protected and they will receive an email confirmation with their online credentials that will give them access to edit their account and the DOGstar Training Video library.

How Do You Register Microchips?

Complete and Fax our Account Set Up Form to register microchips online using a secure account.
or print out the Universal Enrollment Form and provide it to your adopters.

What is included in the petkey ™ registration package?

As part of our commitment to pets we have partnered 3 premium services into one lifetime package to keep pets safe at home and provide the best protection available.

petkey™ Microchip & ID Registration Provides Lifetime Microchip or ID Registration. Found pets are reunited with their owners via a microchip number or assigned an unique identifier. Live recovery specialists are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Retailer Program
petkey™ Lost Pet Alert System The North American Wide Lost Pet Alert Network alerts the local pet community the moment a pet goes missing. Live recovery specialists are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Retailer Program
DOGstar Training ™ Behavior Video Series and Certified Behavioral Support Membership includes the ability to view hours of training videos on subjects ranging from puppy biting to housebreaking as well as tricks and to basic obedience. A certified DOGstar specialist is also available toll free, for the life of the dog to assist in training and behavior consultations. Retailer Program

Do You Need Microchips?

petkey ™ microchips and registration packages are designed by pet professionals specifically for pet professionals.
Among the many services that petkey offers pet professionals, petkey ISO compliant microchips and registration packages are available to fit the needs of every pet professional.

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petkey microchips

What does it cost?

All services are consignment. You will not pay for the registration package until after you have successfully registered the pet online.
Call 866-973-8539 for wholesale pricing information.

How Do You Set Up A FREE Online Portal?

Complete and Fax our Account Set Up Form or Click Here to Set Up a Secure Online Portal.